The southernmost

Moving from the subtropics to the tropics didn\’t make it any warmer. Key West was windy and rainy. Luckily the sun started to shine on Thursday so we were able to join the sunset celebration at the Mallory Square. The best act was the money-eating dog. Or actually it collected money for the banjo player from the audience. I don\’t even remember the songs the man played but I will always remember the money-collecting dog. If I could teach this trick to a dog, I would not have any difficulty in getting a permission from Minna to actually get a dog…
We stayed at the Authors of Key West for the second time and the Hemingway cottage was very cosy. I recommend the guest house because it is within a walking distance from the Duval Street and it is really well-kept property. In my opinion it was the nicest accommodation on this trip. We even got an extra heater for the second night… It was quite cold at night. The highlight for the rest of our crew was when I got dog crap on my sandal.

Madrid, 19 years after

Last time I was here was about 19 years ago and I must admit that the only thing I remember is Gran Via, Chamartin and Plaza de Espana. So, yesterday I took the train and headed towards the city. I had no idea where I\’d have to step out so as soon as I saw something familiar, Madrid-Chamartin, I jumped off the train. It turned out that the train station which I remembered from our inter-rail trip was not located exactly in the city centre but actually quite far from it.
So, I continued with metro to the Gran Via station.
Today, I took the train to Atocha station and it was located much closer to the action. It is actually quite difficult to find a decent dinner around here if you want to eat something more than tapas or french fries and a lousy steak. However, jamon is plenty and always available. It\’s quite expensive, though. Everything (except the train ticket) is actually quite expensive. Thailand has taken over Spain as a cheap holiday destination.

10 hours in Tokyo

Chilly Tokyo presented us with a problem: What to wear because the destination was Australia, in summer. We took the Narita Express to Shinjuku, walked around and went back to the airport. I had changed 100 euros for yens and half of it was spent to one-way tickets to Shinjuku… So the other half was needed for return.