50th anniversary tour

My wife and I will turn 50 this month. Years ago we had decided to celebrate by embarking on a journey of a lifetime. Please note that I have travelled around the world, in a business class, through Bangkok, Sydney and… Dallas. It didn’t qualify for a journey of a lifetime. At first we planned to drive across the USA. But the Midwest seemed bori… tedious. The best thing about the USA is the nature. America the beautiful is the motto of the National Parks of the USA.

In three weeks we would be visiting 10 National Parks of the Southwest: Joshua Tree (made famous by U2), Zion (had not heard about it before my colleague visited it a year ago), Bryce Canyon (my dad had a Readers’ Digest book about the natural wonders of the world and I believe it was on it), Capitol Reef (had not heard about it before), Canyonlands (had not heard about it before), Arches (seen the picture of the Delicate Arch), Mesa Verde (had not heard about it but when planning the iteninerary I realized that I had seen it in a cartoon Le spectre aux balles d’or), Grand Canyon (I had heard about this before), Sequoia (yes, the tall and old trees) and finally Kings Canyon (right next to Sequoia.

The tour started without me. My wife and my daughter flew to Los Angeles a week before I did so that they would get LA out of the way. I would meet them in San Diego where the official tour would begin.

La Jolla Shores

A side note: I will also switch my travel blog from Blogger to WordPress to be reached through my own domain. So all the previous posts from Jake on the go @ blogger will be migrated if I will have time.


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