Should\’ve stayed in South Lake Tahoe

Reno is in decline. Is it because the Silicon Valley people are better in math than the Hollywood people? If I knew how Reno was, I would have saved 100 km drive and stayed in South Lake Tahoe. There are gambling opportunities across the street (and state line) so no need to drive further.

State Route 50 to South Lake Tahoe was just magnificent as you can see in the picture below taken in Twin Bridges.

Lot\’s of photo opportunities along the way and the final descent to South Lake Tahoe was the icing on the cake.

It was interesting how the California side had all the amenities except casinos and the Nevada side had… just casinos. The slopes were still in good shape and people took the lift right from the city center. But we had no time to stay so we continued towards Reno. We had booked a room for two nights in Eldorado Casino. The arrival at Reno wasn\’t even close to what we had experienced in Las Vegas two years ago.

The streets were pretty much empty, souvenir shops closed and some homeless people on the street. The clientele similar to Fremont Street in Vegas. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that. We will be staying on Fremont next time. But as said, we felt like going back to South Lake Tahoe. So first some slots and sleep and back on the road in the morning. We wanted to drive around the lake.


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