To Los Olivos and back

We took the scenic route today and drove to the wine country (not Napa, though) through highway 154. Great views and excellent weather. Did some sipping in Los Olivos too. Los Olivos was the nicest of the towns we visited today and the two others (Lompoc and Buellton) were not worth a visit at all. 

Apparently Sideways was filmed somewhere close so we had a Pinot Noir tasting. Clearly very different grape from what we\’ve been used to. There was of course plenty to choose from. The tasting cost $20 and you got at least 8 different wines. We also bought one called Wrath. It was from Monterey, so not that close but I got the Steinbeck reference.
Lonely Planet recommended a visit to La Purisima mission so we did visit it. It was part of the El Camino Real and had been renovated during the depression after been abandoned for a long time. 

On the way back to Santa Barbara we sampled more of the PCH scenery.

We also visited a used car dealership.
Yesterday I noticed that the colours of my pictures really didn\’t portray California as well as they could have. That\’s why I started using filters today. This is how I always imagined California to look like. Saturated colourse from the 60\’s and 70\’s.


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