Welcome to Miami

It\’s been a long time since I have travelled anywhere. After changing jobs, I must admit that I have not missed business travel a bit. Last year I did not travel anywhere on pleasure either so this is my first vacation since Australia two years ago. Maybe I cannot be considered as travel blogger anymore. Well, frankly my darling, I don\’t give a damn.
Anyway, here we are. How we got to choose Florida (again) is mainly because of the cheap flights. We managed to get flights for three with 1000 euros which was pretty good considering that we are travelling on a winter holiday week. Kia starts to be in the age when she is not satisfied with the parents\’ company only so we asked her friend Mona to join us. With this move, I wanted to get rid of the dad-are-we-there-yets.
We changed planes at JFK and there was a big snowstorm there so our plane to Miami was delayed by 2.5 hours. Once we got to Miami, the luggage belt broke while our luggage was being delivered so we waited another 1.5 hrs for the luggage. Then, to top our ordeal, Florida is having the coldest weather in about 40 years.
I had reserved Mazda 6 from Hertz already but then I got second thoughts because I figured out that we will have a lot of luggage. I cancelled the Mazda and reserved Chevy Trailblazer from Avis with the same price (about $700 for two weeks). Then we actually got Ford Edge which had enough space in the back and also looks terrific. Even if the rent is equal to Mazda 6, we are paying extra on the excess fuel Ford consumes. I also booked the first three nights with my Marriott rewards so we have not paid anything for accommodation until today.


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